Saturday, July 26, 2008

happy when you wake up !

MARVIS ginger mint & jasmine mint
Originally uploaded by autoreverse tiramisù

what more can I say?
the best is to shop it @


portici di Monforte 2 , Milano

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the story behind a song: Fake - another brick

that's what I call " the killer melody / the killer bridge" . I named this song in 2006 and started to become addicted to this kind of stuff. This is the first place of my personal "killer bridge playlist".

I love this song.

season sale's textures

coral bra

Wolford tights in sea foam color ( for 5 euros :)))

Friday, July 18, 2008

dedicated to a friend who found the vinyl and didn't buy it :(


the story behind a song: Styloo - Pretty Face

when Styloo himself came to my party

my gift for you

and , of course, a little video

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

past podcasts

well, I collected some podcast on my podomatic page . I have 3 or 4 episodes and I think putting them here will be a good idea:

* my first not mixed mix called "ohlala" , compiled in december 06 HERE

* my second one , the summer edition in June 07 HERE

* mix for dressing room, feb 08 HERE

* the last one you already have here some posts ago, but it's good to remember, and download :) HERE

Im doing another one during these days, I will put as soon as possibile

enjoy enjoy enjoy


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ohlala les soldes

so nice to shopping in Nice, as usual.
I came across la brocante, I found an amazing vintage necklace. I just have to make it longer , it's a little bit short for me. I think this is my first purple item as I usually hate this colour.
Just can't understands why my friends are saying it's ugly. This is just hmmmm ...talking in a ebay slang...."Outrageous". I deeply love when things become outrageous. Ah, I just remebered about my purple egyptian purple shoes.
this is the necklace:

remember my shoes (or forget, as you want)

THEN, I was waiting for sales at Les Nereides, big up for my "collier crabe", I guess he's the brother of Valeria's lobster. dunno.

I had this for 16 euros, good job.

And YES, I finally have what I deserve and what I was waiting for : HETHERETTE X M.A.C

It's a little bit toooooo late, shame on me , but I finally have. I think the collection is out in France ça fais pas longtemps.

the powder is "alpha girl" and the nail lacquer is in "lola devine" shade. The pencil is a double one , with black funk ( the real black) and pop blue (I usually don't like glitters BUT this one looks great on me, double shame)

Other thing I bought: a special present for Vale I will see on friday <3


Sunday, July 06, 2008

I feel like...

Today I feel like I need a yellow nail lacquer, umph

first choice :

this is not the classical "IT COLOR" by OPI but a brand new one named "OPI Need Sunglasses?" from the OPI Brights Collection.

OPI's www

miu miu a/w 2008

yes yes yes to shaped shoes!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

the secret behind Crealine H2o

what's his secret? Crealine H2o seems to be a must have and it's in every star's beauty buyography, every beauty case!
well, it simply seems to be THE SECRET for the healthy skin . Sans parfum, ok for face and eyes, a special formula for "les peaux sensibles".
Sure, it is a french product, that's why girls from everywhere buy it.
BUT, I can promise you it's an excellent product for demak'up before your cleanser , just try it.

Friday, July 04, 2008

are you un-american?

when you wake up and you get a rarity, owh, it will be a special , happy, sunny day!
this track from Discotto, published in 1984 is simply exploding on the web during these day. I was searching for that since years and now you can totally found everywhere. so WOW !
enjoy it , thanks to

download HERE

dicogs link

have a nice day


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"nope, I do not go to the beach"

yes, I live in a small and nice town on the sea, la cote d'azur est très proche, the sun is shining during the whole year but NO, I don't go to the beach.
I simply hate to get tan . I've been brown once in my life , I try to forget that summer 2003 and destroy any document about (like the lovely pics of me + my lovely german friends who visited me )
so, if I accidentaly meet the sun without protection the one and only solution is: