Sunday, August 31, 2008

are you in NY ?

I'm not : (
please go there and enjoy it for me :


Saturday, August 16, 2008

what's happiness part II

You know what? I'm happy.
everytime I'm in the mood something special happens: I come across beautiful stuff. Because if I'm happy I want to be more and more . like a drug.
This is what I found today: some rare and amazing perfumes from the past, W-O-W

GIGI by Saravel

a beautiful Loulou by Cacharel

Exclamation ! by Coty (what more can I say ? )

Shocking by Schiaparelli

Passion by Liz Taylor

Moonwind by Avon

Saturday, August 09, 2008

completely useful for my state of mind

La noia schaiccia, muoviti Crilù
Sei sotto chioccia, muoviti muoviti
Mordi mordi mele verdi dice mamma e crescerai
La scala della vita piano piano salirai
Gira gira sotto sotto ti ritrovi sempre qua
Tra i piatti e il rubinetto con la musica che va
Goccia goccia batti e batti un giorno o l'altro te ne andrai
Per ora fa la doccia tanto poi non si sa mai
Muoviti Crilù che il tuo tempo vola via
Diventa star nel tuo video
Oh Crilù, risciacqua l'acqua asciuga i sogni tuoi
Oh Crilù, il mondo è tuo se lo vuoi
Oh Crilù, e corri corri non fermarti più
Vai Crilù
Mordi mordi mele verdi quando a scuola lui verrà
Più magra di una lisca e certo non ti piacerà
Faccia a faccia, corpo a corpo gli dirai la verità
Non fai l'amore a ufo, questa volta non ti va
E' una sticky situation, lei non va né su né giù
E' dolce come il miele ma si appiccica di più
Muoviti Crilù che il tuo tempo vola via
Diventa star nel tuo video
Oh Crilù, risciacqua l'acqua asciuga i sogni tuoi

ah ah, so world is mine if I want, good to know that.
this is not a stupid song, finally. " this is not H&M " as well

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Monday, August 04, 2008

the infamous not mixed mix is back


http://lucindacasual. podOmatic. com/enclosure/2008-08-03T16_24_02-07_00. mp3

or here:

http://www. zshare. net/audio/16480320e9a183ea/

this is a mini podcast, here the playlist:

Human League - things that dreams are made of (instrumental)
Soko - love no
Gina & The Flexix - I Wanna Believe
Matia Bazar - Elettrochoc
Solange - Robots are unamerican
Fockewulf 190 - body heat
Etienne Daho - weekend à Rome



Sunday, August 03, 2008

the story behind a song

I used to listen and listen and listen and listen to this.

this is simply a masterpiece and you know, it was 3 years ago and it's still there. I love to have this kind of stupid sureness.

I have a fetish

I have to admit my fetish for collants is being INSANE. it's summer, people is going to the beach, enjoying summer and other ordinary stuff like that . Drinkin' frozen cocktails at the disco , smiling listening to a famous summer hit like Bob Sinclair, being proud of their tan skin, well, you know what?


I can't wait to use my collants and buy others, match the colors in my very own way and spend more ore less half an hour a day to imagine new colors and looking for that on the net. I think this is the best way to express myself, little bit strange ok, but very very simple to do.

Even if summer sales is the better moment to buy old collants and unique pieces nobody wants at something like 1 euros I JUST CAN'T WEAR THEM NOW. so please, WINTER , be fast .