Sunday, June 29, 2008

the story behind a song: Debbie Deb - There's a party going on

I used to share music with a friend and he introduced me to this girl, called Debbie Deb. I fallen in love with this sound and I listened to this track for months.
I talked with someone today on about taste we have in common and I want to share this as a gift to thank him for the great music he's sharing everytime

Label: Pandisc
Catalog#: PD 133
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 1995
Genre: Electronic
Style: Freestyle
Credits: Mixed By - Calvin Mills II , Carlos Santos
Producer - Calvin Mills II , Carlton Mills

my present here


goethe re scape said...

grazie per un natalie presto

ca$h said...

ciao Liz,
ti ho linkata anch'io.Debbie deb è una figa! Se ti capita ascolta il remix di Iwonder if take you home creato da Shep Pettibone!