Sunday, December 21, 2008

The infamous NOT MIXED MIX is back , wrapped in gift paper.

For your sadly annoying Winter Holidays , the infamous not mixed mix by Lucindacasual is back.
I'm into a deep relax mood , so I tried to finish this, started in October .
you can download it here :

this is the playlist

Love on the rocks - Lama
Another Boy in Town - Two Girls
Big Man Restless - Kissing the Pink
Suicidal (disco version) - Amin Peck
Da Best - Green Fridge Music
Manshortage - Eurofunk
Shame - Stephany
Sensation - Ron Hardy
It's late tonight - John Arrow
A Dog In The Night - Mr. Master
Music Colours - Cellophane

Anyway, Christmas usually makes me so lovely : I love everyone of you :)

Thank you to my musically inspiring friends especially ( Chiara, Salvatore Cusato , Flavio, Quentin & Marion, Luca C. , Gregoire, Lumpa )

Merry Christmas !!



1 comment:

daniel said...

great playlist, i love stephany's shame and all that other fulltime records songs.